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  • Healthy non-smokers
  • Smokers without airway obstruction
  • Asthma patients
  • COPD patients
  • Healthy older persons
  • Chronic cough patients

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  • Healthy non-smokers
  • Healthy older persons

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  • Lung function/Spirometry¬†
  • Histamine (PC20) challenge
  • Bronchial biopsy
  • Primary bronchial epithelial cell brushings including culture ex vivo
  • Synthetic absorptive matrix (SAM) sampling of lower airways (bronchosorption)
  • Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)
  • Induced sputum
  • Immune cell analysis in lower airways by state-of-the-art flow cytometry

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  • Nasal curettage for gene expression or flow cytometry
  • Nasal brushings including culture ex vivo
  • Synthetic absorptive matrix (SAM) sampling of nasal mucosa (nasosorption)
  • Immune cell analysis in upper airways

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